Community Information Meeting

Contact: Anna Fiorella                                                                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Tel. 816.797.4282


BOSTON, MA–The month of October is “National Youth Justice Awareness Month”; statewide events are held to promote awareness for and spur participation in important youth justice issues. In that same spirit, the Greater Boston Youth Court initiative is holding a community informational meeting on October 16th beginning at 7pm at Roxbury Community College. Members of the program development team are available to answer questions about the purpose of a Greater Boston youth court in Suffolk County, and more importantly how this program is crucial for restorative community justice.

Anna Fiorella, program director for Greater Boston Youth Court (GBYC), advocates the enriching components of a youth court serving the heart of Boston youth. “Youth courts are a genuine attempt to keep youth offenders free of a criminal record. The peer-driven court system asks offenders to take responsibility for their actions and correct the wrong they’ve done to their community.”

The GBYC community program development meeting is open to all who are interested in sculpting a supplemental, restorative justice based juvenile court system in Suffolk County. Topics of the meeting include: community partnerships and coalition building, funding opportunities, and overall community feedback of the project.

The Greater Boston Youth Court initiative is dedicated to the establishment of a peer-driven youth court system in the region of Suffolk County. The program trains community youth volunteers to serve as lawyers, judges, and jury members who prescribe community-based reparations for low-level juvenile offenders. The goal of Greater Boston Youth Court system is to apply positive peer pressure on young offenders to ensure they not only give back to their community, but also receive the help they need to avoid further involvement in the justice system.


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